Have you ever had the feeling that your mobile phone battery is draining quickly? This can happen due to misuse of our device. We explain how you can extend the life of your smartphone. The mobile phones have become a key device and key for most people. The problem is that bad use of these terminals can considerably reduce their useful life.

Lifespan of Your phone battery

The main cause of reduced service life is the battery. These energy storage devices typically have an average of 3,000 or 4,000 cycles. A cycle refers to each time the mobile is completely downloaded. Due to the misuse of our smartphones, autonomy is reduced to 300 or 500 cycles.

Yes, it is true that with the lithium-ion batteries there has been a change and the charge cycles are counted in a modular way. An example: if we spend 25% of 100%, we recharge our mobile completely, and we spend another 25% again, we would have 50% of a complete cycle.

This method is an advance for our mobile to endure daily wear and tear, even so, it is advisable to charge the battery while we are not using our phone.

Is There An Ideal Charger?

Manufacturers recommend using the charger that comes bundled with the phone. These official chargers have undergone stress tests in order to improve their performance.

If we use third-party chargers, they may not fully charge the device, or even supercharge the battery voltage, which, consequently, would reduce the life of our mobile. For this reason, it is preferable to use reliable brand chargers.

Control Your Applications

The recommendation to close those applications that are in the background is always circulating. And so it is, it is true that we must remove the functions that are not used at all times.

Gaming and social network applications are the most battery consuming, so if you are not using it, it is better to deactivate the application completely. This is applied in the same way with the GPS and Bluetooth tools, both drain the battery and, therefore, if you do not use it, it will be better to disconnect.

Dark Themes Can be of Great Help

The brightness of the screen is a key element for the useful life of our mobile. Keeping it in an automatic mode can give us up to two hours of autonomy. Currently, applications such as Twitter and WhatsApp have the option of using the dark mode, and this function that can be aesthetic will also serve to get minutes of added to our battery.

As you can see, the screen is an essential element that affects the consumption of the smartphone. Some studies show that people consult an average of 200 times a day on mobile. This, which may seem insignificant, generates a lot of consumption, therefore it is advisable to establish that the screen lasts a short time.

The quality and quantity of current videos make it difficult to create animations that attract attention. At the same time, tools emerge that make videos and professional animations possible with the least effort for personal or professional use.

The audiovisual online lives a golden age in many ways. And animations are also a good way to sell something or give a professional image on your website or social network. Moreover, with an animation, you can use graphic resources such as photographs or drawings and even simple text. But the animated text doesn’t have to be boring.

Animated Text Generator

SnackThis Text Animator converts a word or phrase into the animated text from various effects that you can freely choose. The result will surprise you.

Text That Impacts

Simple and practical but not able. We enter SnackThis Text Animator and all we have to do is write a word or phrase. From there, the tool, accessible from any browser, will generate animated text in different versions to choose from. By default, there are a dozen.

Among the animation designs available you will find an assortment of colours and fonts that combine very well. We do not control the movement of the text, but they are so varied that you will surely find one to your liking. There are even animations that mimic a computer console or neon lights.

Once you select one of the animations available in SnackThis Text Animator, you can choose the color scheme among the preconfigured samples, which combine well with each other. You can also choose the format or proportion of the animation. By default, a square of 1: 1 ratio, but you can change it to 4: 5, 9:16 or 16: 9. Depending on the animated text chosen, you can also choose between several fonts.

Unfortunately, the only way to export an animated text generated with SnackThis Text Animator is to checkout. Of course, the preview allows you to see how the animation looks, so if you are going to use it intensively it will compensate for its cost, of $ 7 per month and that, in turn, allows you to save the animated text in GIF or in video format and choose from an assortment of colors and fonts .

In summary, SnackThis Text Animator will be very useful for creating animated text to publish on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter in your personal or professional profiles with the messages you want, an original way to bring the text to life in visual format .

peryourhealth portal

Advantages of Peryourhealth

On the off chance that you simply got to know points of interest of peryourhealth there here are a couple of advantages of utilizing this. you’ll pay any kind of doctor’s visit expenses from anyplace on the earthyou’re only a few of snaps away. The administration and entryway are up for 24×7. once you got a log in, you’ll check your due parity. you’ll get notice of billings, you’ll have history articulation too. it’s completely secure and quick. Necessity at Peryourhealth.
There are some essential necessities to urge enrolled on Peryourhealth stage. in particular is completed as long as you’ve got a Registered ID, which may be effectively found on the Patient articulation or from any receipt which you would like to pay. At that time overlooking the crisp record, you would like an email ID and versatile number, with the goal that you simply can enrol and pay your expensive bills at peryourhealth Bill Payment portal. Pursue any strategy to pay your doctor’s visit expense at peryourhealth.com

How To Pay Peryourhealth?

  • To pay the bill, you’ll need to complete the below step carefully.
  • visit – www.peryourhealth.com
  • Then find the “Login” Buttons.
  • Now fill the specified details.
  • Enter “Username”
  • Now “Password”
  • Finally, click on the login button.

Pay your bill without logging in:

  • Enter your account information exactly because it appears on your statement. ask your most up-to-date statement then click ‘Continue’.
  • Enter your “Client ID”
  • Now “Account Number”
  • Finally “Five-Digit ZIP Code”
  • and click on “Continue” to pay your bill.

Forgot Your Registered User ID

  • If you’re an old user, are you able to log in again using your registered user ID? If you’ve got forgotten your registered user ID, you’ll catch on back by getting to the link below. www.peryourhealth.com/Login/RecoverId.aspx

peryourhealth login

  • Enter your billing account number you’ll receive an email that you simply first entered once you first registered. Your registered user id is going to be mentioned therein email.

Use Your Bank’s Online Bill Payment Service

This profile will include your account number, payment is going to be sent there to address, and therefore the name of the corporate is going to be. Then choose Set recurring payment. you’ll set a monthly date for the draft to return out. to form this process easy for you, you’ll also set it abreast of your computer software. in order that it also can automatically update for you.

Any inquiries regarding your health (855) 853-7242 are often coordinated. The firm has not been licensed with a far better business bureau. However, under BBB, 6 shows with charging demonstrations. there’s B rating with BBB in it. Your health is predicated on 7234 S. Louis Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74136.

A new report from The Lancet magazine warns of the dire consequences of the climate crisis on the health of children born today unless urgent action is taken. As a result of global warming, the increase in CO2 and the level of the oceans, we witness abnormal episodes such as extreme droughts, severe heat waves or floods.

Children's Health

All this undoubtedly affects agriculture and the loss of nutrients in the food we consume every day. There has been a decrease in the concentration of proteins, vitamins and minerals, as well as an increase in starch in our diet, which affects the health of the population around the world.

Food Insecurity And Disease Spread

A new report published in The Lancet magazine warns that climate change seriously threatens the health of children worldwide due to its already visible devastating effects on our health. In this study, about 100 experts and 35 global institutions intervened to analyze a total of 41 indicators that demonstrate the effects of climate change on health.

One of the aspects that worries them most is malnutrition due to food insecurity and infectious diseases such as diarrheal diseases since climatic effects accelerate its spread. “The path chosen by the world today will irreversibly affect the future of our children,” said Stella Hartinger, a researcher at the Cayetano Heredia University of Peru and one of the main authors of the research.

climate change

In this sense, the team of researchers has marked two possible situations for global health in the future according to the global warming of the planet. In the event that the temperature is maintained at least 1.5ºC and the Paris Agreement is fulfilled, a baby born today would grow up in a world with zero levels of CO2 emissions when he was 31 years old and guarantee his well-being.

Otherwise, if governments continue without executing specific solutions and a large part of the population without awareness, a child born today would be in adulthood with 4 ° C more warming of the Earth and the impacts on their health would be irreversible. Goodbye to clean air, safe and quality access to drinking water and food insecurity.

Children are the most vulnerable sector to the effects of the destruction of the planet because their immune system is still developing and they are more prone to suffer diseases and to be exposed to environmental factors.

Mosquito-borne Diseases

“Climate change will define the health of a whole generation,” predicts The Lancet director Nick Watts. «The highest temperatures recorded in Western Europe and forest fires in Siberia, Queensland and California caused asthma, respiratory infections and heat stroke. And the sea level is rising to an increasingly worrisome rhyme, ”they say.

The spread of infectious and diarrheal diseases is a fact that is already happening due to climate change because it must be remembered that water is the main transmitter of diseases and in much of the world, there is no safe access.

Something similar occurs with diseases transmitted by mosquitoes such as dengue since the rise in global temperature has caused its dispersion in much of Europe. In the case of Spain, the study experts point out, “we have very good conditions for mosquitoes that transmit certain diseases to arrive and settle here and, if necessary, acquire the pathogen to transmit the disease. We are already seeing it with the first endemic cases of these days, ”says Jaime Martínez-Urtaza, a scientist at the Center for Environment Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas) in the United Kingdom.

The welfare of the next generations is at stake and is a latent threat to which we must act from to avoid possible irreversible consequences on world public health and should be part of the political agenda of all governments.

Robotics and artificial intelligence are concepts that go hand in hand and both have helped to solve our routines. But today robots have emerged that have the ability to help us sleep and reduce our stress levels thanks to a good rest.

sleep robot

Decades ago, talking about concepts about artificial intelligence or robotics would be crazy and would be appropriate topics for a science fiction movie, but today it doesn’t happen. The artificial intelligence is an essential element in our daily lives, and that helps us greatly to our work in a simple way. Now, the world of robotics joins robots to sleep better.

A case we know is that of Aura, the artificial intelligence of Telefónica, which is in thousands of homes thus creating an ecosystem based on intelligent connectivity with digital services and the experiences that Aura builds in our homes.

But if we talk about this area we have to relate it to robotics. In recent years several robot prototypes have emerged that have become an essential tool for various sectors such as science and medicine.

But can sleeping robots better help us? The answer is yes, and they can.

A Robot To Sleep Better, In Theory

This device, called Somnox, is designed to induce sleep to the user, helping him to have a relaxed breathing rhythm and, therefore, reduce anxiety levels.

It looks like a small pillow suitable for sleeping hugging her. It has some CO2 sensors that detect if the user is awake or asleep, and thanks to this it measures the breathing rate.

Thanks to this system, the device is able to synchronize its artificial respiration with that of the user and help reduce the frequency of both.

According to the developer, thanks to a calm breath our tonsil relaxes and becomes less sensitive to the chemical substances we generate from stress.

This robotic pillow can be controlled through a mobile application where we can give the option for the robot to emit sounds, play songs such as nannies and audiobooks.

The Importance Of Sleeping Well

With or without robots it is essential to sleep well. The night ‘s rest is the period in which our organization is dedicated to repairing our tissues and thus be in good condition.

Numerous studies show that not sleeping the necessary hours can have consequences such as the deterioration of our brain tissue, the increase in body mass and the increase in our blood pressure, among others.

As you have seen, sleeping is an important factor in our health, so we recommend using seven to nine hours of sleep to be in perfect condition.

Until not too many years ago, we were with the Discman and MP3 players to listen to music. It was normal to have several gadgets for various functions, which were unified with the arrival of the smartphone.

best music player apps

Today, we have phones capable of playing high fidelity audio, with dedicated DACs -digital to analogue converters, and powerful equalizers to take our music to another level. It is no longer necessary to “charge” with specialized devices since we only need our headphones and our headphone jack – or our type C to jack adapter, so fashionable lately.

Best Music Players Apps

So, today we are going to talk about the best music players for Android. In this case, it is somewhat more difficult to find quality options, since the audiophile world is not as widespread in the field of technology. However, we bring you several level proposals, so you can listen to music in a more than satisfactory way on your Android phone. All of them are totally free applications, although some have paid versions that unlock certain functions.


AIMP is an ideal audio player for Android with limited resources, that is, low and medium ranges. Although these types of apps are not too heavy, it is always appreciated that the applications themselves are ready to work in terminals with low power.

The application is compatible with virtually all audio formats, it has a 10-band equalizer to adjust our music to taste, it has support for album covers, smart list, ability to place markers on the audio itself … Its interface is Acceptable and has several very comfortable widgets to use on our home screen.

As icing, we tell you that developers keep it constantly updated, something that we value very positively. In short, one of the best audio players for Android, despite focusing so much on being light and consuming few resources.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is another of the best players that we can download on Android, for several reasons. First of all, as is obvious, Android’s integration with this application is total, very convenient and fast. At the interface level, although it is not one of the most remarkable, it is simple to use. It is true that it is not as complete as that of other audio players, but it does its job.

The integration with the online library between PC and mobile is also very good, allowing to reproduce in our terminal all the content downloaded in our computer. It is not the prettiest or the most complete, but it is one of the most functional music players. We could say that it is halfway between Spotify and a music player to use, a combination that pleases us.


Poweramp is one of the best music players for Android, although in this case, much more complex than its direct rivals. Its interface is not intended to be the most attractive, nor is it intended to be the most intuitive player. Poweramp is presented as an alternative for the most audiophiles, allowing us to adjust each parameter of the songs with a complete equalizer, aspects such as the audio output itself to control distortion, etc. If you are looking for a complete player, this is the one you need.


In addition, it allows you to add plugins, for example, to be able to see the lyrics of the songs we are playing. Poweramp has been running on Android for almost 5 years, and the experience is noticeable when we use it on a daily basis. It has a totally free version, and a paid version, with which for only 3.99 we can unlock all the functions.


We are many who look at the design of an application to decide whether to use that or another. In this case, Phonograph is, by far, the most beautiful music player for Android. Its design is simply spectacular, 100% integrated with the Material Design lines imposed by Google, and with a careful interface that takes care of each line of the application.

The operation is also quite simple, allowing us to play playlists, synchronize the app with Last.FM and much more. It is totally dynamic, so the colours of the UI are changed automatically, depending on the content you reproduce.

As you can see, it is a complete application to play music from your Android phone, focused on design and functionality. And yes, quiet, it’s totally free.


Shuttle Music Player is another intuitive, simple and well-designed music player. In this case, we have an equalization of 6 bands, the ability to recognize the lyrics through MusiXmatch, automatic download of covers, timer … A very complete application, which does not neglect at any time the importance of a good aesthetic finish.

The application is completely free, but with the paid version we will have support for Chromecast, folder browsing, more themes and id3 tag editing. For only 2.69 euros, we highly recommend the paid version, as it is an application that you will end up using a lot in your day today.