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The quality and quantity of current videos make it difficult to create animations that attract attention. At the same time, tools emerge that make videos and professional animations possible with the least effort for personal or professional use.

The audiovisual online lives a golden age in many ways. And animations are also a good way to sell something or give a professional image on your website or social network. Moreover, with an animation, you can use graphic resources such as photographs or drawings and even simple text. But the animated text doesn’t have to be boring.

Animated Text Generator

SnackThis Text Animator converts a word or phrase into the animated text from various effects that you can freely choose. The result will surprise you.

Text That Impacts

Simple and practical but not able. We enter SnackThis Text Animator and all we have to do is write a word or phrase. From there, the tool, accessible from any browser, will generate animated text in different versions to choose from. By default, there are a dozen.

Among the animation designs available you will find an assortment of colours and fonts that combine very well. We do not control the movement of the text, but they are so varied that you will surely find one to your liking. There are even animations that mimic a computer console or neon lights.

Once you select one of the animations available in SnackThis Text Animator, you can choose the color scheme among the preconfigured samples, which combine well with each other. You can also choose the format or proportion of the animation. By default, a square of 1: 1 ratio, but you can change it to 4: 5, 9:16 or 16: 9. Depending on the animated text chosen, you can also choose between several fonts.

Unfortunately, the only way to export an animated text generated with SnackThis Text Animator is to checkout. Of course, the preview allows you to see how the animation looks, so if you are going to use it intensively it will compensate for its cost, of $ 7 per month and that, in turn, allows you to save the animated text in GIF or in video format and choose from an assortment of colors and fonts .

In summary, SnackThis Text Animator will be very useful for creating animated text to publish on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter in your personal or professional profiles with the messages you want, an original way to bring the text to life in visual format .