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Robotics and artificial intelligence are concepts that go hand in hand and both have helped to solve our routines. But today robots have emerged that have the ability to help us sleep and reduce our stress levels thanks to a good rest.

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Decades ago, talking about concepts about artificial intelligence or robotics would be crazy and would be appropriate topics for a science fiction movie, but today it doesn’t happen. The artificial intelligence is an essential element in our daily lives, and that helps us greatly to our work in a simple way. Now, the world of robotics joins robots to sleep better.

A case we know is that of Aura, the artificial intelligence of Telefónica, which is in thousands of homes thus creating an ecosystem based on intelligent connectivity with digital services and the experiences that Aura builds in our homes.

But if we talk about this area we have to relate it to robotics. In recent years several robot prototypes have emerged that have become an essential tool for various sectors such as science and medicine.

But can sleeping robots better help us? The answer is yes, and they can.

A Robot To Sleep Better, In Theory

This device, called Somnox, is designed to induce sleep to the user, helping him to have a relaxed breathing rhythm and, therefore, reduce anxiety levels.

It looks like a small pillow suitable for sleeping hugging her. It has some CO2 sensors that detect if the user is awake or asleep, and thanks to this it measures the breathing rate.

Thanks to this system, the device is able to synchronize its artificial respiration with that of the user and help reduce the frequency of both.

According to the developer, thanks to a calm breath our tonsil relaxes and becomes less sensitive to the chemical substances we generate from stress.

This robotic pillow can be controlled through a mobile application where we can give the option for the robot to emit sounds, play songs such as nannies and audiobooks.

The Importance Of Sleeping Well

With or without robots it is essential to sleep well. The night ‘s rest is the period in which our organization is dedicated to repairing our tissues and thus be in good condition.

Numerous studies show that not sleeping the necessary hours can have consequences such as the deterioration of our brain tissue, the increase in body mass and the increase in our blood pressure, among others.

As you have seen, sleeping is an important factor in our health, so we recommend using seven to nine hours of sleep to be in perfect condition.